About Me

Hi, my name is Sophie. You may be interested to know that… you may not. I'm a 27 year old recent British exp pat, currently living in Chicago with my very lovely other half. 

This is a blog about beauty, life and everything in between. That's quite a vague description isn't it really? hmm anyway...
I like to write about whatever tickles my fancy at the time… if it happens to be interesting to you then great! This blog started as a 'beauty' blog, and thats something I still love to write about, but as time has progressed I've decided to branch out in to other areas. Sharing more personal information or more 'life' related topics and thats really where I am today, finding a balance between NOTD's and the odd lifey ramble! because we all know I can go on a bit. 
I'm just a girl with an unhealthy obsession to beauty products and nail polish, welcome to my little corner of the internet, stay a while… you might like it.