I ♥ Coral.

by - Saturday, February 19, 2011

I don't know what it is about coral nail polish, but I just love it. I never thought I'd wear a glorified orange polish, but it's love OK.

This one is by Max Factor. I have very little information on this, all I know is that it was 3.99 in boots. 
I like the formulation of this, its quite sheer, and has an almost jelly finish, if that even makes sense. It wears really well, and just looks beautiful.
And here's just a crap load of pictures in various different lights...

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  1. This is a gorgeous colour. Really reminds me of Summer! I love jelly finishes but yeah, the nail polishes do usually tend to be sheer and I hate that because I have to put on about 5 coats until I can get a decent colour! x