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by - Sunday, November 09, 2008

hello, its been a while, but in all honesty i just dont know what to write about. im not sure exactly what people want to read... :) if anyone has anything/suggestions they want me to talk etc about please comment!

so I got payed recently, but i just couldn't find it in me to have my usualy splurge on make up like i usually come pay day. im not sure why, i love make up and its a big passion of mine but just recently i ust haven't really been spending alot of money on it, or i got to make a purchase and at the last minute change my mind. maybe its my subconscious telling me to save my money and buy my family and friends decent present this year for christmas! hmm

look of the week. i cant get a picture on here right now but ill post it in another blog. the look consists of a few urban decay shadows (roach and scandal) and mac's beauty marked.
I apply roach all over the lid and in the crease and blend it out. the i apply scandal(usually with my finger) just to the middle of the lid and blend it into the roach. on the outer corners and outer crease i apply beauty marked(mac) and guess what...blend! the just a thin line of liquid liner to to outer lash line and mascara. you can bring some of th beauty marked down into you lower lash line/waterline too but sometimes i just leave that
it creates and really nice plumy smokey look, and is relativly easy to do! i know it would be alot easier if you could see it! but ill try and get a few decent pictures u
up soon!

also something else while im here...i have a really bad habbit of biting my nails, its something i've done practically all my life, and its something i've wanted to stop doing practically all my life too! hahaha anyway back to the point. ive come to the point now where im jsut sick of looking down and seeing really short stumpy nails. I see all this nail varnish in stunning colours but have to nails to wear it on so im going to try and stop biting my nails for one last time! Im using sally hansen nailgrowth miracle to try and stimulate the growth a bit... and its working ok so far. its only been a few days, and i can go about a week, and the just bite them all off again. so if anyone has and good tips on how to stop me biting my nails i would be very grateful! ill keep you posted on any progress i make... :S

anyway ... what an essay!

thanks for reading!


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