by - Wednesday, March 10, 2010

wow, I'm bored.

soooo, I've been very busy with college at the minute. we have loads of assesments that need doing so its all go.
interview in London next wednesday, I'm getting quite nervous now, and oddly excited, although i think thats because ill be staying with my brother for a few days and going to see Hairspray! ahahhhhhhhhhhhh. I love Hairspray, even though I haven't seen the musical yet I know i'll love it.
I'm 20 in a month. this is scary, i don't know why its not exactly life changing but, its just that transition from being a teenager i think. eeeee.
in other news, I'm back on the diet for realz now. even though I've had a few small treats nothing earth shattering. I've been going on my cross trainer for 30 min sessions and doing various sections on my exercise dvds so, its good. I'm feeling better, i've let it slip lately, well since before christmas, and although i've only actually put on a few pounds it made a big difference. I knew it was getting out of hand but i'd still find myself eating the wrong things and then being disheartened when i saw a gain on the scales. thing is i knew exactly what I was doing wrong, which i guess makes it easier to recitfy. hopefully. I want to be back down to what i was just after christmas, before my birthday (4weeks) which is do-able. so i'm positive.
anyway lets talkk about something less boring. ah yes the point of this post. I thought i'd just share some pictures of my latest assessments. I did airbrushing to emaciate and then just a random blue monkey haha.


Blue Monkey
anyway, that is all.


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