by - Monday, April 25, 2011

I should so be doing some uni work right now. I have about three weeks untill cw deadlines, but its around this time i get really stressed out, and end up putting it all off until the last min! gahah. oh well its first year, it doesnt count for anything!

anyway, just thought I'd check in. I'm about 2 years late on this but today I ordered my first Konad kit. I'm not sure how popular it is in the uk. there's only a few stockists and I wanted to buy the genuine artical so didnt risk bying of ebay or amazon. basically I got the Special Set which consists of:

Konad Special Set

Kit includes:
•  5 Special Polish (11ml, white, pink pearl, red, green, black pearl)
•  1 Special Top Coat (11ml, clear)
•  5 Image Plate (m3, m36, m44, m55, m57)
•  1 Stamp II
•  1  Scraper (steel blade)
•  1 Image Plate Holder
•  1 Rhinestone Pack (50pcs)
All packed in an elegant gift box
It's pretty pricy. but I'm hoping its worth it, because it has to be said I am a little bit obsessed with nail polish. 
I'll probably do another post when it actually arrives etc and expect some NOTDs.

Right, I must try and get some essay-ing done before bed time.. ciao xx

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