June Favourites

by - Friday, July 01, 2011

ok, so this is a first for me, but here goes. 

High Beam + Posie Tint - I've really enjoyed trying out these little freebies, whcih were of coure free with Glamour. High Beam is my favourite, as it makes such a pretty highlight and I like trying it out on different parts of my face. 

PanOxyl Aquagel 5% - I was reccomended this by my GP around a year ago as I get spots on my back, my face on the whole is ok but I do get the odd breakout, usuall,y that really annoying under the skin acne that hurts like a bitch, this gel dries them up in no time, over use can cause quite sever drying of the skin though so i'd use a good moisturiser 

Leila Eau De Toilette M&S - I'm quite impressed by the m&s range of scents, I picked up some 25ml bottles of a few of their differnt scents and really liked them so when I was in there last I got this one, it wasn't one i'd previously gotten but I fell in love with the scent imediatly. its the epitome of my favourite scent, sweet, fruity and floral, 'fruity top notes of mandarin and raspberry, a heart of apple and lily of the valley scents, complemented by rich base notes of vanilla and musk.' and only £12 for 100ml.. win.

Prestige Skin Loving Minerals - hiding in the middle is my mineral foundation. I use fair, and find that most of the time I dont need to use a concealer. It does have very small shimmer particles but this is only really noticiable if you apply it too heavily. buffed into the skin it looks really good and evens my skin tone really well. I have red/pink undertones and quite highly pigmented cheeks etc. it usually sticks around too, I'm oily so have trouble keeping anything from sliding off during the day. 

Natural Collection Bronzing Powder - this is so pigmented, but can also be blended really nicely, I use it to contour and find it matches my skin tone really nicely. It has a slight golden shimmer, hence the name (golden glow) which is pretty accurate tbh.
it feels really soft and contours really nicely.

Boujois Fast and Perfect Volume Mascara - this is a rotating mascara, it lifts the lashes right from the roots. its amazing. simply. It literally takes 30 seconds and gives me such long thick lashes. 

Bed Head Dumb Blonde Shampoo - Last month I had my hair highlighted, the hairdresser reccommended this shampoo, as my hair was really dry afterwards, after about a week of use my hair was already feeling better and softer. it's aimed at people with coloured/highlighted hair and acts to replenish moisture etc. I was amazed at how little you need, literally 1/2 pumps and you don't get alot with each pump, it lathers amazingly and creates really thick bubbles? smells pretty good too. 

Sheer Blonde Go Lighter - after previous desastors with Sun In Spray, I was pretty dubious about using this as its pretty much the same thing. as it happens it wasnt as damaging as i thought it would be if at all, being that it contains hydrogen peroxide. I got it because I wanted to try and lighten the hair that hadn't been highlighted, I used it maybe once a fortnight just to help blend the blonde and it works really well. 

Freederm Facial Cleanser - I love this cleanser, its a cream, I usually use it with a mini facial brush or just on its own, it really clears my skin, and isnt drying in the shlightest which is what i usually experience with acne treatments. I never need to moisturise when I use this and my skin feels really nice and soft and clean afterwards. 

so there we go.

thank you for reading.


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