Dukan Diet Week 8

by - Thursday, October 11, 2012


So… been a while hasn't it?
To be fair, I am back at uni now for three days of the week as well as working the other four days so I'm pushed for time really.

Because I'm lame I'm just going to do a Dukan update, original right? I'm pretty sure no one cares anymore, it's more for me to look back on I guess..

So I'm approximately half way though my 8th week of being on the Dukan diet. So far so good, no slip ups, I've not really have any cravings or the desire to just eat something I'm not allowed. I know its still relatively early days but I would have thought I would have caved by now. I'm still finding it easy and its just become part of my routine. Its just what I eat now.

My whole way of eating has changed, and my perceptions of food, and what i actually need to get through a day. The biggest thing I have learnt is exactly how much food you need to survive on a daily basis, and really its not a lot at all.

I don't feel deprived in anyway and I think that has to do with the fact that I don't feel hungry, or certainly not in the same way I felt hungry before. What I eat now sustains me for longer periods of time so I don't feel the need to snack in-between meals.

So far I have lost 32 lbs, which is 2stone 4 lbs. Which I'm really proud of. It's a lot for such a short space of time, and I know some people might think its unhealthy to loose weight quickly but to be honest I'm not of that opinion. When you consider just how much I have to loose (I'm not telling you yet!)

My first goal was to loose 3 stone by christmas, when I started this two months ago, it meant loosing just over 2 lbs a week to maintain it. During my attack phase I lost 9 lbs in one week, and I decided that I wasn't going to include that weight loss in the '3 stone goal' meaning that I'm about half way to my three stone goal and actually a few weeks ahead of schedule! We'll see. Theres still about 11 weeks until christmas, so I'm just taking each day as it comes.

I'm aware that the weight loss will slow down soon and I'll need to 'up my game' I have started to workout a little bit too, I'm aiming to work out twice a week for now as I don't want to overdo it, at the minute I'm loosing between 3-5lbs a week and I'm concerned that if I try and exercise too much I'll jeopardise that in some way. So for now I'm just going to stick with what I'm doing because it seems to be working just fine.

Anyway, Thats about it really…
Thank you for reading xoxo

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  1. Keep at it Sophie. You got the power!

  2. Haha, thanks!
    It's not over till the fat lady's thin!