Well hello.

by - Monday, May 05, 2014

Today is a bank holiday, which means I'm off work. Which also means I have 'time' to do a quick post.  


How are you?

Good! Glad we've got that out the way. 

I'm not sure what this post is going to be about. I have a feeling update posts are marginally more boring than I anticipate and therefore want to stay away from doing that. Part of the reason I am ridiculously bad at updating this blog is just plain laziness. Another reason, as of my last post I had uploaded exactly 250, and I just really liked having a round number of posts. Very sad. 

Well this is going nowhere is it?

I guess I could share with you something I recently received as a birthday present. Lets go back a few weeks. It was late in the evening, I was on the phone to my mum and we started talking about an idea I had for a tattoo. I sent her a picture of the source of the inspiration an a brief description about how I want it too look/location etc. Bare in mind, My mum generally hates tattoos and is always telling me not to get anymore (I have two small ones already)

My idea comes from this 

I saw this on Tumblr a while ago and fell in love with it. Self belief is something I really struggle with and at the time I was really down about not feeling good enough so it stood out. 

I started to think about having a tattoo related to this and came up with a rough idea of having a tree with a broken branch and a bird in flight above it. I want it all black (silhouette) coming from the side of my ribs up  towards inside of my shoulder blades? does that make sense to anyone else?


Fast forward a few weeks to my birthday and my mum said I'm going to send your birthday present in the post make sure you're in and I want your honest opinion? Right, ok! 

When it arrived I was excited to see what she had sent me... Take a look!

She had painted me her interpretation of my idea (using acrylics) and I absolutely love it! I'm so proud of my mum because she only recently started to paint (since joining as class) and I think she has a real talent for  it.  It went up on our wall within hours and I'm genuinely impressed with what she came up with. It's beautiful, and not only does it mean a lot because she painted it but also the sentiment behind it. Part of me thinks she did it to try and put me off getting it as a tattoo, and to be fair it has stalled my plans. Will it put me off completely? probably not! (Sorry Mum) 

My tattoo is going to be a gift to myself, and I feel like it owe it to all the times I've told myself I wasn't good enough/can't do something because I'm scared of failing etc. 

So from the bottom of my heart, Mum. Thank You. I love you, I love this painting and I love the quote that inspired it all. 

Thank you for reading. 

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  1. Wow! That's an awesome painting! :)) I think it'd make a lovely tattoo, its a nice personal life motto to have. Mine is "Learn to respond; not to react" :)

  2. Thank you my darling daughter. No I don't generally like tattoos especially full arm/body ones. But if you have another one Sophie so be it. My love for you will never fade. Glad you like the picture xoxo