by - Thursday, May 28, 2009

I went to Primark the other day to pick up some sandals and a few tops and decided to check out the new beauty section. I'd been in earlier in the week to get the blusher brush, which is lovely btw, and thought I'd see if they had a coral polish, as I wanted one for my toes. Low and behold. They had one. And it looked really nice. So I thought for a pound if its rubbish it really wont matter. I tried it when I got home and was really impressed; it went on really smoothly and dried in a matter of seconds. It has tiny silver glitters that give a subtle shine to it, one pound well spent methinks.

Here is said polish, (do excuse the state of my cuticles. they are nicely trimmed again now, but I had to remove the polish for work)

Im not too sure about other colours they do but I did spot a nice pink one that I may have to go back and purchase.

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