First Impressions

by - Sunday, October 11, 2009

So, I have an idea.
I'm going to review products completely based on first impressions, now I know sometimes things don't alwasy perform first time round or take time for you to really benefit from using them but we all know that first impressions can have a lasting effect on how we perceive something. whether this is good or bad, it will impact on our opinions of a certain brand or product.

I'm going to start with some products that I bought yesturday. I went into Lush to have a look at their 'freshers pack' off where you get 8 items for £10, having never bought anything from there before i thought it would be a good way of trying some of their products.

(I also got a trial size moisturizer - cosmetic lad)

I will do seperate reviews for each but I may aswell start now.

the first product is, BB Seaweed Face Mask.

based on first impressions, I have to say the scent isn't one I would usually go for. for me scent is quite an important factor becasue nobody likes smelling of something they don't like. This mask smells like a mix between actual seaweed and lavender, to me anyway, and honestly I'm just not a fan. However, the actual product is really quite nice. obviously when it goes on its very cold (as it has to be stored in the fridge! duhh) but the cold sensation was actually nice, and seemed to awaken the skin a little. It has small particals in (im not sure what they are tbh) that i was initall quite worried about becasue any kind of abrasive texture really irritates my skin and causes redness, but this really didnt effect me at all. I left it on for about 5 minutes and could feel it hardening so popped in the shower to wash it off, now again I was worried the bits would irritate my skin but nope. I looked in the mirror and my skin was really 'calm' looking I know that might not make much sence but my natural skintone is ruddy and I get particularly red cheeks and chin after being in a hot shower/exfoliating so I was really suprised when my skin actually looked 'normal'
it also felt really smooth and moisturized. again usually my skin becomes tight and dry feeling after washing it but not this time!

overall I really like this mask, I think it really helped to eliminate redness to my skin and softened it too.

based on first impressions I would rate this 8/10

(after more extensive use I will review this product again to see if my opinions have changed!)

thank you for reading

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  1. I am so glad I found your blog. I am an esthetician. Look forward to keeping up on your events.