by - Monday, July 05, 2010

you may or may not be aware about my weight loss 'journey' I have mentioned it before.

well anyway. over the last few years, I have been on a mission to loose weight. which I did do successfully ( I initially lost around 4and a half stones altogether) I'm going to be honest, with my self and you. (if anyone actually reads this) because it seems to be a downfall of mine - denial.

I don't want to ramble too much about this because it will become very long winded and boring. I was doing really well and had reached a pretty healthy weight for my height (5'9") my lowest weight was about 10 stone 2 pounds. for so many women their are ruled by numbers, and statistics and loosing a certain amount by a certain time and if it doesn't happen it is the end of the world. I know because I was one of those people that let my obsession with reaching a certain weight and thinking I would be happy when I got there that it all spiralled out of control. I lost all my will power because when I reached 10 stone 2, I just could not loose any more, no matter what I did. things started to go down hill from there. I used to go to a rosemary conley class to get weighed and exercise, but I think because i just wasnt seeing the numbers go down, i didn see the point in going. this is where my 'problems' started I think. basically for the past 6 months I've rarely exercised (which I was doing 4-5 times week before) and my eating has been terrible. now I love my food, and I've loved eating some of the things I didnt for a long time, but something had to give. I knew I was gaining weight, I knew it would get out of hand if i didnt get back 'on it' but I just could not summon the will power or motivation to stop myself. don't get me wrong I haven't gained a huge amount. well... I don't think its a massive amount - there we go with the denial. I know I've gained and now I know I need to loose it again.

I was looking through my pictures on my computer last week, when I stumbled across some body shots I'd taken at my lowest weight. I'm not sure why but something clicked, it was strange because as soon as I saw them it was like someone had shot me with motivation. When I was loosing weight before I had the most incredible amount of will power, and i really worked hard at loosing weight. So I know I can do it again.

so, here's the thing. I want to get to 10 stone, by the 2nd of September. that gives me, around 2 months to lose 1stone 4pounds.(do the maths if you want to know my weight now)

which I think is very achievable. I'm not going to be silly and starve myself, I know exactly what to do. exercise. now for me, exercise DVDs have been a godsend, for my lifesyle they suit me perfectly. I could do it whenever I want and I really enjoy them. most of them are by rosemary conley, and ive had really good results. so this is my main POA. as well as watching what I eat, and basically cutting out the crap and eating better meals. I don't believe in diets. they do not work. theres one simple rule you have to follow if you want to loose weight and that is to burn more, eat less! that doesnt mean starving youself, you can survive on a lot less food that you think you can. watch your sat fats, and just get of your arse and exercise! ;) I'm no expert but this is how i managed it the first time round. and its how i'll manage it again!

I've set myself some deadlines, but I'm not going to loose sleep over it if i dont loose a certain amount by a certain time. I think the key is to just go with it, enjoy the journey and dont start to resent it. its an amazing feeling of pride and control when you loose weight.

basically, I aim to loose around half a stone every 3 weeks, so an average lose of about 2.5 pounds a week. I'll be weighing myself every Monday so I might start doing a weightloss update blogpost.

so. I weighed myself last Wednesday and I weighed 11.7 pounds. But my official starting weight is 11.4 pounds as of this morning (5/7/20)

so there we go no more lying to myself, that is what I weigh. I care very little about what anyone else thinks about how much I weigh. this is for me.

thank you for reading. I will be doing other posts on my weight loss if anyone is interested. (pictures, food, exercise etc)


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