first impressions review.

by - Thursday, September 02, 2010

So today I was walking through John Lewis on the way to the car park and I remembered something I'd wanted to have a look at.  Amie - Spring Clean cooling clay mask. I like face masks, I rarely have a bath without applying a face mask, and as my previous mask is on the way out I thought I'd look for another one. I've bought from Amie before, the moisturiser and I really like it.

so as this is a review based on my first impressions, lets just get on with it.
I like the scent, its minty with a citrus undertone.
when applied it starts off feeling really refreshing and cool, and as it dries you get the usual tight feeling.

I'm actually sat here with it on so i shall remove it and tell you how it feels... brb

ok, so it was a little difficult to remove, but it seems to have removed alot of the oil from my skin (which is a good thing for me) and my pores look smaller. it feels smooth, and it hasnt made my skin look red, which can often happen with me, my skin is quite sensitive to touch and it often makes my cheeks red! 
so over all I like this product based on first impressions, obviously over time my opinion might change, but for now I am quite happy with how it has performed.

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