I'm shattered.

by - Sunday, February 20, 2011

..And so are my nails.

Today I went on a mission to find the Barry M Instant Nail Effects, when this polish first came out it wasn't really sure if I liked it, it just doesn't instantly grab my attention. As time went on and more and more people we're talking about it, my interest began to grow. When I decided I wanted to try it out, it seemed that it was nowhere to be seen. I couldn't find it anywhere. it wasn't something I'd go specifically out to buy it was always just a passing thought whenever I was in a boots/superdrug, but alas it was always sold out. Today I was on a mission, to finally buy this polish. and actually it wasn't that bad. I only had to try two shops. I did have to ask an assistant if they had any in stock but they did! Happy Sophie. I don't need any excuse to buy nail polish, I swear I've bought atleast 20 polishes in the last two weeks. which is sickening. 
that is all.


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