through thick and thin.

by - Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ok ignore the title. Poor attempt.

Warning, this will be a very pic heavy post. 

Anyway so the news on the grapevine is that I have eyebrows... Who knew?!

Forgive me for being obscure.

Basically, I decided to grow out my eyebrows. And I'm just trying to decide if I prefer them this way…

Let me backtrack a little. Before I reached 19 I hadn't touched my eyebrows at all, I wouldn't have even known where to start... But since getting into beauty blogs/YouTube etc it was something I began to notice, girls with perfectly shaped eyebrows... Mine left very little to be desired.

 see, I didn't have much to speak of at the age of three…
fast forward 15 years… and still… not much to look at. 

excuse the terribly posing in these pictures...

so, as mentioned I decided to dabble in the art of eyebrow plucking...

a few early attempts… a little tweezer happy! 
so what to do next… i'd plucked them to oblivion… I guess i should try and 'fill' them back in right?
JK! hot though right?


obviously… another joke. 
getting braver... 

Add caption
 I experimented with various shapes and sizes over the years...

OK, so fast forward to the present day!
I'm not sure why but one day I just decided not to pluck the regrowth and thought i'd see if I could grow them out, they are still quite patchy, the pictures below show them tinted and lightly penciled in, but I think you can still see the brows. 

 I believe I owe the growth of my brows to a little wonder product I picked up on holiday, but that is a whole other blog post…
anyway, here they are…

new and improved?

ok, so there we have it. A brief (believe it or not) history of my eyebrows.
well done if you made it this far. 

I'm torn… I don't know if I like them… I guess I'm still trying to get used to the new shape… I kinda miss the higher arch… is big back?

opinions would be appreciated :)

I understand that its hardly a life changing decision… take this post with a pinch of salt. 

Thank You for reading.

p.s who knew you could do a blog post which includes 22 pictures of your own eyebrows. 

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