May Anniversary Glossy Box

by - Thursday, May 31, 2012

Firstly, I'd like to say Happy Birthday to Glossybox, this isn't really going to be a glowing review so I wanted to at least start off on a positive note. 

it's not all bad though… the box is nice at least…

This is what I received:

Noble Isle - Summer Rising Bath & Shower Gel.
Lolita Lempicka Samples - L'Eau en Blane & Eau de Parfum.
Neal's Yard Remedies - Rehydrating Rose Daily Moisture.
Collection - Lasting Colour Gel Eyeliner.
Eldora - False Eyelashes.

OK, so as soon as I opened the box I ditched all the packaging and frilly bits… I just see it as a failed attempt at trying to make the box look fuller and distract you from the fact that whats inside isn't such a great deal.

now possibly I had my expectations a little too high for this box, I figured, hey it's an 'anniversary' edition they might have made an effort…

Frankly, I'm disappointed. I don't want this post to come across as whiney, but to be honest, it probably will anyway.

I'll give my thoughts on each individual item.
I actually like the Shower Gel, it smells amazing. I haven't used it yet, I'm not sure what I'm 'saving' it for but it smells too good to use! This is my favourite item in the box I think, and its a shower gel… what does that tell you?

The perfume samples are pretty standard, I mean, sure they smell alright… they just seem like a 'filler' item to be honest.

The Neal's Yard cream was the first cop out for me… one reason being that I actually already have it, (not a fault of glossy box obviously) but secondly because I got the first tube of this free with a magazine only last month… overkill.

The Collection Eyeliner was another disappointment… not because I don't like the product or the brand for that matter… its nice… not a colour I would have chosen but nice. I just thought the whole idea of glossy box was to introduce you to high end products and brands, I was actually looking at these in Superdrug the day before it arrived so it's lucky I didn't end up buying one then. 

The lashes again, are not something I would have chosen. I don't wear them as I wear glasses so find it pointless, not a fault of glossy box, obviously they don't know I wear glasses. So, it's just another useless item. 

Overall, thumbs down. 

I actually cancelled my subscription, as I just don't think its worth my money. After having previously experiencing really bad customer service from Glossy Box, I was skeptical about signing up again, but I thought I'd give them a second chance, I had a free shipping code too so that took the edge off. 
But after this box I can quite safely say I'll never order another box. 

I think the concept is good, you know. In theory it sounds like something I would be interested in… in practice… not so much. 

 I'm just not a fan of GlossyBox at all and this box confirmed that for me I think. 

Thank You for reading, if you made it this far. 

Let me know what your thoughts are on the latest GlossyBox if you've had one...

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