Dukan Diet: What I eat.

by - Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hi, how are you?


So, certain people have asked me about what I eat, now I'm on the Dukan diet so I thought I'd do a little post showing you!
I've been on the Dukan diet for about 14 weeks and I've lost 52lbs in total, or 3 stone 10 pounds. Which to me is just insane. For such a short space of time, and without having to exercise! My goal was to loose three stone by 24th December (not inc the 9lbs I lost during the attack phase) And I've don't that already!

Anyway, I digress. How do I do it? Well... By eating this…

My day starts with oat bran porridge, I make mine with skimmed milk, because it just tastes weird with water and sweeten with sweetener.

Another typical breakfast would be an oat bran galette made with one egg, a splash of skimmed milk, oat bran, wheat bran and sweetener. 

A PV day Lunch will typically be a type of meat, either clocked chicken or smoked salmon etc with a salad usually lettuce, onion, radish 

If I'm feeling flush I might just go and get a salad bowl from subway too!

A PP day would be the same but without the salad!

A PP day Dinner could be any form of meat, typically chicken breast, beef slices, minced beef, steak, salmon or mackerel fillets cooked in various herbs and spices, with either a dollop of cottage cheese or quark

I don't have an example of a PV day dinner but it would usually be the same but with some sort of veg! I'll make a 'Shepards Pie' or 'Bolognese' without the carbs obvs.

So there we go. Thats what I eat of a day. I generally don't snack between meals because I'm not usually hungry but if I am I'll have low fat yoghurt or something, and thats pretty much it!

Any questions feel free to ask!

Thank you for reading. x

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