by - Sunday, June 16, 2013

Is this going to be my comeback in to the blogging world?

Although... I'm not entirely sure I have anything of value to add to the world of blogging anymore. Did I ever?

I guess an update.

Today is Fathers Day so I guess a nod to the old man himself is in order, and all other fathers etc etc Happy Sunday to everyone else.

I've not really got a lot else to up date on. I finished all the work from my degree back in May so now I'm just waiting for my results, more specifically my dissertation grade.
Needless to say I'm anxious about that! Hopefully, the grade will be up soon but in true uel style there is no information anywhere to say when that will be.

Other than that I've been spending a lot of time watching tv shows on netflix and applying for full time TA jobs. I really want to get out of retail and into a 'proper' full time job. I know these things take time but I'm so inpatient with it. I know! I've not even graduated yet but still. I want out.

So, there we go. This is all I've got in the way of an 'update'. yep. really.

I would upload a picture pr something but I'm at work right now so do not have that facility.
lamest post ever.

Thank you for reading.

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