Natural Bronze Body Lotion Review

by - Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Well hello. 
I thought I might take the time to review a product for you. As the title suggest it is for the Palmers 'Natural Bronze' gradual tanner. I've actually been using this for a good six months now, on and off and feel it is a good time to review it, being that it's 'summer' and everything. I should start out by saying that I do not 'tan' naturally, I burn (even when wearing factor 50), go horrendously red, my skin peels off and then I'm back being pale again. I'll be honest tanning isn't really high on my beauty priority list it tends to be a laborious task that quite frankly I haven't got the patience for. All the exfoliating, moisturizing applying etc. etc. just seems like too much effort. It always seems to go patchy, and there are places that really... You just can't reach. Maybe it's me; maybe I'm doing it all wrong. 

Anyway! Back to the review right, what I'm getting at here is that I'm lazy; I can't be bothered to go through all that rigormall. I first spotted this product in December; I think it was on offer in boots at half price, which made it about £2.66! I was feeling drained and run down, and needing a pick me up during the long hard winter months. Ok it wasn't that bad, but I thought I would give it a go, maybe it would bring me hope that summer would come. Eventually. I also remember being distinctly addicted to TOWIE at the time; this could have influenced my desire to look a little 'healthier'.

Not holding out much hope I gave it a try one night, it was really easy to apply, you literally just treat it like a moisturizer. I was impressed by how quickly it absorbed, and although there is biscuit scent that is often associated with fake tan, I was happy. Mixed with the cocoa butter you actually end up smelling like cake, as my boyfriend commented on night. I like the smell, I think it's quite nice but others may not be a fan. 

I woke up the next day to not only discover that its claims of being a 'gradual' Tanner are slightly understated but that it also provided a really even looking natural tan. After only one use, I was impressed. The color built up really nicely over the next week or so and I ended up with quite a significant change in skin color. Considering that it is a moisturizer, the tanning ingredients pack a punch. I also found that because it was a moisturizer the areas that usually look patchy (elbows etc.) didn't. 

I really love this product, it's so easy to build a natural looking tan in only a few applications, and my skin feels so soft after using it. There's so little effort involved in this that it makes my tanning routine super easy.

I'm not sure if the arm picture helps at all but hopefully you can get an idea of what it looks like and that it's even etc.

Well, I hope this has been informative. 
Happy tanning?
Thank you for reading. 

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