review no.1

by - Sunday, October 26, 2008

this is a review for the collection 2000 dazzle me! collection. I currently have 8 of them! ^ as you can see!
admitedly I was a little sceptical, I hadnt tried any of their products before so didnt really know what to expect, in terms of quality and pigmentation etc. but being the little spendthrift I am I went ahead and added them to my basket!
I first purchased Enchanted (shimmery brown) and Sugar Plum (soft pink with gold reflects)
pleasently supprised by the pigmentation and blendability (is that even a word? haha) i went ahead and bought some more! and...over time...some more! lol
so basically this is where we are today! a small collection of some really nice loose pigments! they come in a good range of colours! and for£2.99 the quality is very good!
they are very soft and blend well. the only problem i have really encountered is the amout of fall out! this is probably more to do with how i apply them then the actual product though! ha
here are a few more pictures!

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