by - Friday, February 20, 2009

I've been tagged about 5 times for this, and now I'm really bored so I'll do it...


1. I love Motown
2. I get 10% discount at Midlands Co-Op
3. 15% discount on Co-Op Funerals
4. I want 3 children, Edward, Ruby and Lily
5. Harry Potter was my first love, closely followed by Fred ;)
6. Twilight Saga BABY!!!!
7. I would love to live in London/New York at some point for a while.
8. I have a tendency to be a weirdo at times. mmmm
9. bath, book and a face mask = perfect night in alone
10. Fred, Lost S05 and B&J frozen Yoghurt = perfect night in
11. people keep banging on about me getting driving lessons, but honestly, I really don't see the point yet, I can't afford it. If you want to fund it by all means go ahead. ;)
12. I hate wearing socks
13. I LOVE makeup
14. I would love to be able to play an instrument, besides the recorder, which may I add I play like a pro
15. I was in a Rosie and Jim episode once.
16. despite common misconception I'm actually really happy,
17. I really don't know why I come across miserable. defense mechanism
18. I love singing
19. I'm actually really happy that I failed 3 of my as levels (3U's and an A) and decided to do a national diploma instead
20. I hate it when people take things too seriously. get a life
21. In theory I'm a massive romantic.
22. In practice...not so much
23. I'm a sucker for a romance novel (TWILIGHT:D)
24. This one is weird, but I have to scratch my thigh before I go to sleep. I only use round spoons and I have to have the volume set at a multiple of 5.
25. Fred is about 1178 miles away from me at the moment and its not very nice.

I'm not going to tag anyone in this, everyone seems to have done it anyway.

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