by - Sunday, February 22, 2009

I know my blogs have been few and far between recently, soz.
I'm in Northern Ireland at the minute, so thats my excuse for now.
I haven't really been wearing my usual bright nail polish as of late, I just wasn't really 'feeling' it, if you know what I mean. I'd put on a polish and just take it off straight away, Not even my beloved Shirelle(MAC) sway my vote for the next polish to adorn my nails, but because I hate the state of my nails without anything on them I needed to wear something. I'd bought a nail polish fro Miss Sporty called the Nail Whitener...I wore it over my matte nail envy and loved the result. It did exactly what it said..whitened my nails, which stands to reason I suppose. Anyway, while the polish was quite good, it would often take quite a few coats and would end up lumpy almost, and it seemed to take forever to dry, being me I would almost always end up smudging it and have to start over. I hate that about nail polish, I always think its dry enough to resume whatever I plan to do but still end up ruining my efforts. anyway back the the point, as I mentioned I'm in N.I at the minute, and yesterday we went to a retail park called Bloomfield. A pharmacy called Gordon's was selling some GOSH products at half price, (It's a bit more expensive over here) among those reduced items was a few of their Nail Polishes (a few of which I already own) I picked out the nail whitener. so to cut a long story short...or rather not here is said polish.

I really like this product. It went on really nicely and dried streak free. It dried quickly too. I love how it makes my nails look, almost like a French manicure only not as harsh. great for anyone who isn't aloud bright colors for work/school etc. it creates a really nice finish to the nails making them look well maintained without all the fuss.

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