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by - Saturday, March 21, 2009

I just ordered a Split Ender...

Yes, it looks really gimmicky but I've read some really good reviews of it and given that I have really bad split ends and hate going to the hair dressers just for them to 'trim' about 5" of hair I thought I'd give it a go. it was £19.99 from Amazon.co.uk (not including P+P) and should arrive some time next week. Im quite excited. I saw it a while ago and wanted to buy it but didn't. so expect a post on that soon.

on the subject of hair, the other day I purchased a


'Colour Effects is a conditioning wash in wash out colour which will add beautiful tones to your hair whilst leaving it in great condition and with a fantastic shine. With 8 shades to chose from, there is something for everyone. This shade adds subtle red tones to light brown to mid brown hair.'

I have to say I'm really impressed with this. it cost me 97p. yes...97P! great for when your going out and want to add some color to your hauir without the damagin effects of dying it.

thank you for reading. have a lovely day.

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