by - Monday, April 06, 2009

I know its been a while, sorry!

anyway, back to the point. Nail polish... this week I will me wearing Barry M nail paint in 295 Turquise. :) love this color.

I know the picture quality is pretty bad, but you get an idea of the color.

I love the Barry M nail paints, probably the best high street brand of polish that I have come across. for £2.95 a bottle they're deffinatly worth it. I just find them so easy to apply and this finish is great, really smooth. I own quite a few of these already and have just orded the Mint Green one and Pale Purple. :) I'm just waiting for them to bring out a pale coral color and then I think my life will be complete. Natural Collection by Boots have a coral color that is just beautiful called Vintage coral, the colors fab but its quite difficult to apply, so if Barry M want to just bring out that color for me then that would be great :) (y)

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  1. Rimmel's coralisous (sp) is a really nice coral and it applys really nicely :D x