Elf lipstick review.

by - Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This is my favorite lipstick. I'm not usually a huge lipstick wearer, and favor sheer glossy lipsticks. I have a 'colour' that I tend to stick to as well which is usually a muted vintage pinkish kind of tone! I have reasonably pigmented lips too do find it difficult to wear anything too light, nudes are a no go! And I just don't suit red.

I bought this lipstick on a whim as I was ordering a few other things from elf a while ago. I tend not to trust the swatches so much on their website but thought it looked like a nice colour. I would say it was a quite dark muted pink with a kind on purple or blue undertone, but then again I am rubbish at describing things... The pictures are sort of accurate but not quite, as with any photography. The first think I noticed about it was the scent, it is such a gorgeous raspberry mildly reminiscent of the kinds of play makeup you got when you were a kid. It's super creamy, almost too creamy! The only grip I have with it is the packaging, its flimsy and cheap and pretty much wrecked my tube as soon as i wound it up, its hard to explain but because the lipstick os so creamy and not very 'firm' it kind of scrapes along the side of the tube when you are twisting it back down or up, which kinda messes up the while thing and leaves a good smearing of lipstick all over the place But it is so nice on the lips you forget all about it and tbh you can just depot it into another container if it gets to messy. For me it is the perfect shade, and I wear it all the time. The best thing? It cost £1.50! I'd definitely try out some of the other elf lipsticks and suggest you do too! ;)

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  1. Uh oh, might have to check this out...it looks gorgeous! I've been trying to ignore all of the ELF emails recently, but have seen some beautiful things reviewed, and it's just so darn cheap...!!! xxx

  2. It is gorgeous, I really shouldn't be spending money ATM but I'd buy these in bulk!! so good.