Peep Show

by - Thursday, January 05, 2012

Consider this a pic heavy post. Anyway. Happy New Year etc etc. I'm going to get straight in there and introduce you to a mascara I picked up today, it's the 17 Peep Show mascara and can be found in boots for around £6. I picked this up based on a few things, no. 1 the packaging. (yes I am that fickle that i'll buy something based on what it looks like) and no.2 because it said you got a free eyeshadow palette if you bought any mascara... so why not go for the matching ones right?? anyway. am I glad I got this! it is actually pretty good. as you can see from the pictures (of which there are quite a few).
The palette is very nice too, the colours are perfect for creating a really subtle smokey eye and again comes in very cute packaging. I believe the mascara is on offer too (£1 off intro price) so these both work out at about £5.29. lovely. the application of this mascara is pretty good by about coat three/four you will start to see minor clumping but other than that it does a great job of thickening and lengthening the lashes, the brush is pretty standard: bristles that are shaped like a monkey nut if that makes any sense...? no just me then. I basically just mean that the middle kinda tapers in a bit? still not helping am I? haha. anyway. its a nice brush.  

I don't think I actually have anything bad to say about these yet, I have only had them for a few hours so I should probably give them a proper go first. 17 is a brand this is so over looked and seen as cheap but I personally I think its a really great brand that offers good quality products at a very reasonable price, what's not to love?

So there we have it, Peep Show Mascara. 

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  1. I am always switching mascara. I think its my favorite make up product to try.

  2. Beautiful colors of eyeshadow!
    And this mascara looks great on you)

  3. Wow! that looks like such a good mascara!! great post :) xxx