Dukan Diet Update

by - Monday, September 03, 2012

It's been two weeks since I started the Dukan diet. If you want more information about it please follow this link as I its quite long winded and I don't fancy regurgitating all the 'rules' I want to share my experiences.

Basically I did the 'Attack' phase for 7 days. You can do it for between 2 - 10 day depending of how much you want to loose but I thought it would be easier just doing a week! and let me tell you 7 days was long enough! I was craving vegetables by about day 3, something I never thought I'd do.

I'm now a week in to the 'cruise' phase where you are allowed to eat certain vegetables every other day. I know, I know its all starting to get little complicated.
Basically I'm finding it a lot easier than I thought I would, it can get a little boring, but I have really liked trying out a couple of the dukan recipes so far. I haven't really experimented too much as I'm trying to just get to grips with everything first.

Week one I lost 9lbs which is a bit crazy! I could feel it too though. I haven't felt bloated at all or had that uncomfortable full feeling after a meal.

Monday is weight day and in my second week I lost 4lbs. So I'm really happy so far, that's nearly a stone in two weeks! Mental.
My aim is to lose 3 stone by Christmas (not including the 9lbs lost during the attack) so I'm about 38lbs away from my first 'goal'

Anyway this was just a quick little update.
Thank you for reading.

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