How much is too much?

by - Saturday, September 15, 2012

This post is going to be… well to be honest I'm not sure. I'm going to be talking about my nail polish collection.

I happen to think I have a relatively modest collection, In comparison to the amount other bloggers have and yet when I tell people how many I have they often gasp in horror, and say "I only have 4?"
4?? I often just have that many laying around in my handbag let alone it being my whole collection!

The last time I did a 'stock take' was around January this year and I had around 350 bottles give or take. January was a long time ago, and I have since acquired a few more bottles… I'm not exactly sure what the count is now… but I'd say maybe 500?

Which to some my sounds a lot, but to others may not… so I guess its down to personal opinion… to be honest if I had my way (and the funds) I'd probably have a LOT more by now but there we go.

I don't know what it is about nail polish that attracts me so much, I love going in to boots/super drug and having a look at new shades and trying different brands… and being on the ever lasting quest for a 'holy grail' topcoat! (still not found it) It's probably the one part of my body that I can accessorise and be on trend with without discrimination, and I know I can always make my nails look good even if i'm feeling blah about the rest of my body/outfit.

I think a lot can be said about a person by the state of their hands and nails so I like to keep them as well presented as I can. I work in retail and while most people probably don't give a shit having people seeing your hands on a daily basis and judging you on their appearance is something that I'm conscious of (who likes gnarly, chewed up grubby mitts?)

Anyway, The long and short of it (excuse the pun) is that I Like Nail Polish and I'm not ashamed to admit that maybe I have a little bit of an addiction to it, wearing it, buying it, smelling it...

pinks/reds/corals etc 
blues/purples/greens etc
nudes/treatments/ etc
I don't have room in my draws anymore so I have an extra makeup bag with some in too...

This is my little box of tricks… manicure time!
Does anyone else have a large collection? hands up… no one is judging you here!

Thank you for reading.

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