Sunday Six

by - Sunday, September 02, 2012

It's been a whole week since I last did a post! Opps, I should really start scheduling some for during the week when I'm at work.
Anyway without further a do…

Song - I have been reliving my teenage years a little with week, Listening to an old Coldplay album. This song I've been loving this week is Fix You - Coldplay. I know its old, but I love it, I think its a beautiful song. 

Book - I think I've really been feeling nostalgic this week as I took it upon myself to download a collection of Roald Dahl books on to my kindle, I just love them. This weeks choice is going to have to be The Twits, I have such fond memories of being read this by my cousin when I was little and then reading it alone and still loving it. That and Fantastic Mr Fox that we used to make our Mum read to us when we were on holiday in the Lake District! 

TV - To be honest, I haven't watched a great deal of tv this week again. I'm going to have to go with True Blood again, I watched the season Finale and it was just awesome! 

Youtuber - I'm going to give a little shootout to dope2111 -  not that she needs help getting subscribers or anything. But she doesn't some really amazing transformation looks, a recent favourite of mine is the Johnny Depp video she did. 

Product - This weeks product has to go to The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser. I've mentioned before that I bought little travel size set of the Vitamin E stuff and fell in love so bought the full size products. This cleanser is honestly the best cleanser I've ever used, better than Cleanse and Polish! (forgive me, I love C&P too but it just doesn't come close to this!) it removes make up so quickly, easily, and thoroughly in one go! I used it on dry skin and then wash of with warm water,, And it leaves nothing in its wake! not a trace of makeup. 

Photo - This is a collage of my parents old VW Camper Van, My Mum at about 19 years old on her bike, My grandma on of my dads bike and my mums old yellow mini. I just liked these pictures and wish that we still had the camper! or the Mini for that matter!

Thank you for reading cx

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