Summer Gel Manicure, Ellite99/Qimisi 8 colour set review.

by - Tuesday, May 23, 2017

It's been a while since I wrote one of these, I was writing up a review on amazon I thought I'd share it here too!
I'm going to review a set of gel polishes that I bought on amazon Here. I'd never heard of the brand, or used their products before but wanted some new gel polishes in a variety of colours. You can find sets for anything between $10-$100 of varying quality. When I placed the order back in April, I was a little skeptical. Eight bottles of gel polish for $13.99? They can't be that good, but the reviews looked ok and I figured I had nothing to loose. I was initially drawn in by the colour selection and then of course the price. They're right up my street and looked perfect for summer. The package did take a while to arrive, a little over five weeks, but this was something I was aware of when making the order. 

The products themselves are worth the wait! For me they perform as well as my more 'expensive' gel polishes, and for the price they are definitely value for money. The colours look vibrant in the bottle, but do apply quite sheer,  I found I needed three coats to create the more opaque coverage I like. This is not unusual for gel polish, and I find applying several thinner coats a better method. The application is smooth and the consistency is easy to work with. They worked well with my existing base and top coat. Whilst I haven't had chance to apply them all yet, I am looking forward to trying them. 

The bottles are 8ml and personally I like them smaller because I find them easier to use up, meaning less waste! Being that you get 8 colours to choose from, I'm sure they will last a good while! For me to comment on their longevity would be pointless, I'm a nail polish addict that can't keep a particular shade on for longer than a few days! My assumption would be that they would last as long as any well cared for gel manicure depending on the environment and activities of the wearer! Over all, super happy! 

The ones
that I have tried so far are pictured below. Not my neatest work but you can see what they look like.


I hope this review was useful. I highly recommend these polishes, they are great value for money and perform really well and come in really on trend colours. I hope I haven't missed anything out, Like I said its beens a while since I wrote one of these!
I hope you're all having a great day.
Thank you for reading.

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