Huge Collective Thrift Haul.

by - Thursday, May 25, 2017

Today I'm excited and I don't get excited very often. That's not to say it isn't easily achieved.

The source of my excitement? Thrifting!

I did enjoy a good browse of the 'charity shops' back home in the UK, but since moving to America and finding out my local thrift shop is actually amazing, I love nothing more than having a good rummage and seeing what bargains I can find. My local thrift shop, is pretty big and stock is coming in all the time. Lucky for me. Some items still even have tags on them from the shop, so have obviously never been 'worn'. I didn't even know this was a thing. Back home, no one would donate anything that had tags on? or if they did they wouldn't end up in your run of the mill charity shop on the high street. What I love about this particular store is that their pricing is really reasonable. I've never paid more than $12 for any one item and remember a lot of this stuff is pretty much brand new.

I love finding something, seeing that its only $4 and still has the tags on from stores that would charge quadruple the price for it originally! What's better? 
The trouble, of course is finding clothes in your size. I've seen so many things that I love but find them to be two sizes too small! luck of the draw I guess.
Anyway, the point of this post is not to brag, I simply want to share the joy I've found in buying clothes second hand, knowing that you're getting a great deal. That someone else's junk is another's treasure. Equally knowing that when I donate clothes, someone else, is experiencing the same joy along the line. Maybe, like me, you love it. Maybe it's just not your thing, either way thank you for reading. Happy thrifting. 

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