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by - Friday, June 18, 2010

I just wanted to do a quick post about Christina Aguilera's new album.

I don't usually do posts about music, but I've been listening to this album for about a week now and I'm really liking it. I was just browsing spotify and thought I'd give it a listen, and now I cant stop.
it reminds me of a Santigold album I have, who I also love.

anyway. thats all.


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  1. Omg, I love her and I love this album. She rocks and I am so glad she is back! I am loving 'Vanity' 'You Lost Me' 'Desnudate' and 'Bionic' at the mo :)

  2. I've only ever liked few of her songs, and wouldn't say I was much of a fan but this album is just amazing, and different from what I remember of her... seriously can't stop listning to it! infact I want to listen to it now. haha.

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