Sunday Six

by - Sunday, August 26, 2012

That time of the week has rolled by again! 

Song - Some Nights by Fun. I recently found their album on Spotify and I instantly liked this song, I just love the beat to it. 

Book - This week's book has to go to The Dukan Diet Book, I'm currently on day 5 of the attack phase! I'm actually pretty excited to be allowed to have vegetables if I'm honest, I never thought I'd say that! pure protein and no fat dairy is all I'm allowed to eat right now, and whilst I'm not finding it too difficult, the meals can be a little boring, and I'll be glad to see an asparagus or two I think!

TV - To be honest, I haven't watched a lot of TV over the last few weeks, other than the TV shows we download (True Blood, Breaking Bad) 

Blogger - Technically this is another sell-out choice, as No.1 this blogger doesn't eve have any posts yet, and No.2 he happens to live in the same house as me! MY boyfriend decided to join the dark side and start blogging, I say "start" he's chosen a layout… he'll be doing tech reviews to recipes so when he finally gets posting it would be cool if you had a look. Here is the link.  

Product - A few weeks ago I ventured into The Body Shop, originally I wanted to pick up another Cherry Blossom Body Mist, But they were out of stock so I had a sniff around and got a Indian Night Jasmine Body Mist - is a lovely musky floral scent and I really like it. I also got the Atlas Mountain Rose scent too, But I think I prefer the Jasmine, its only £7 for the 100ml mist which is great for your handbag.

Photo - I took this photo whilst on holiday last Aug, I love a good sunset. The in-laws have just gone back for another week but unfortunately we couldn't join them on this occasion! 

Thank you for reading

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