Bus journey pondering

by - Saturday, April 06, 2013


Another journey, another blog post. This time I'm sat on a bus on my way to work.

God I hate working at the weekend. Which is something you'd have thought I would be used to by now, since getting my first job at 16 in a co-op, I've always worked weekends, and the odd day during the week whilst studying. I guess I'm feeling reflective because my days of being a student are numbered, and the restriction this brings with working part time.
I've decided to take a step back from being a student for a while (I had planned on going straight into a pgce in September) because I feel like I need a break! I want to experience full time working life. I have a feeling i'll regret saying that, but I've been in education from the age of 3. I'll be 23 in five days. I think it's time for a break. If only for the chance of having weekends free for a while! I feel like I've missed so many events because I've been at work, unable to book time off last minute etc. when I leave Uni my plan is to find work as a TA for a while, see how I like it. If all goes well... We go forward with the pgce and then I'll teach! That's the plan anyway. I have a habit of changing my mind.
An insight into my boring life so far.

Thank you for reading.

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