MEATliquor Review

by - Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This is going to my review of a little burger place called Meat Liquor. It was my birthday last week and I decided that I wanted to spend my time drinking cocktails and eating burgers… and where better to do than than MEATliquor?
I had read and heard previous reviews of this place and really wanted to see for myself what all the fuss was about.

Firstly I was anticipating having to wait to be seated, and in order to avoid queuing for too long decided to head there for around 5pm to try and beat the queues, luckily we managed to get seated straight away without having to queue at all which was great. We sat down and started to look at what was on the menu.
Now, two members of the group had already been before so had a pretty good idea about what to expect and it was pretty much agreed that we would a selection of starters/ sides etc to share and then out own individual burgers.

Firstly we ordered drinks! cocktails mainly and the odd beer, very nice! went down a treat. Not a huge amount to say about the cocktails they were pretty standard, nothing particularly great about them but nothing bad either! Also they had a good selection of flavors.

Next out were the starters. We ordered Deep Fried Pickles, Onion Rings, and Chicken Wings, this came with a blue cheese sauce. I didn't managed to get a picture of these because everyone pretty much just demolished the tray within minutes. Everything was delicious. The chicken wings had a really original flavour and the blue cheese sauce was just amazing. I loved the pickles too. Everything had just the right amount of grease to it too you know? Nothing felt too heavy, the batter on the pickles and onion rights was crispy and light and had a great flavor.

After a short while, (the tray for the starters had only just been finished and taken away) the mains came out, I feel like this picture just doesn't do it any justice whatsoever but seriously. This food was awesome. I really don't know how to elaborate further. The burgers were really tasty (I ordered a Dead Hippy incase you were wondering), the meat was juicy, and not overly seasoned and the fillings in the burger complimented the flavor of the meat really well. I mean, it was just a really good burger, again not too greasy, although it was pretty greasy by my standards it wasn't bad at all, in comparison to a Patty and Bun burger that is swimming in oil. They held their form really well too, Like they didnt fall apart as soon as you picked it up. Anyway, overall I'd rate the food a 9/10 for flavor. The fries were amazing, considering they were covered in cheese and chilli etc they remained crispy, The Chilli fries were the best for me, the flavor of the chilli was unreal. The service was really good too, staff were attentive and happy to get extra drinks/kitchen rolls (You will need this!) on request. The only thing I will pick up on is that fact that they did seem to get a little edgy the longer we stayed, However I appreciate that we we're quite a large group and the restaurant was becoming increasingly busy. I wouldn't say we were rushed to leave, but it did feel a little like they were hanging around just to eye up when the table would be free.

Ok, I think I've rambled on enough about burgers. Basically if you like a good burger you have to try one from Meat Liquor. The price? Well, it was reasonable, a little expensive, but really worth it. I think when I go again, Yes, 'when' not 'if!' I'd forgo the cocktails as they really pushed the price up on the bill and to be honest I wasn't blown away, We did order a fair few each though, but I think next time I'd maybe just order the one to go with the food.

So, there we go. I need to stop writing now because I'm getting hungry just talking about it! Yum

Thank you for reading.


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