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by - Sunday, November 22, 2009

I was just browsing the boots website (as you do) and was actually trying to write a review for something but it wasn't letting me send it, so i thought i'd just do it hear instead.
its quite brief but oh well.

I bought this on a whim really, I'm usually quite sceptical about cheaper brands, not that im some form of 'snob' (its not as thought i can afford high end anyway) but when it comes to my face I have to be quite careful, I can get quite bad breakouts and suffer from blocked pores, I also have really red cheeks. anyway, back to the point... I bought this because I was just perusing superdrug in the hope of finding a foundation. when this originally came out (a few months ago) it was on offer with £2 off which made it around £3, I was in a rush and thought, well even if its crap I haven't lost much. as it happens it turned out to be pretty good, I remember the first time I applied it and just being amazed at how good it looked, my skin actually looked quite flawless, it didnt just sit in my pores, it blended in really nicely and the color match was really good. now this is where I should probably post some pictures, however Im rubbish. I wasnt planning on doing this review but Im bored and my BF is sat playing on COD6

this is the little crap bit I was goind to post on boots.com but oh well. ha it sounds quite cheesy.

This is the only foundation I have ever re-purchased! I've tried countless brands and formulations in the past but this is the only one that i've really liked and thought was good. foundations dont usually sit well on my skin as its quite oily and it usually shifts throughout the day but this one has reasonably good staying power, and for someone with less oily skin it would be even better. the color range is good too, I usually have to get the lightest shade but I match really well with 'Biscuit' I am deffinatly going to keep on buying this foundation and at this price how can you go wrong?

I will actually post a few pictures of this me wearing (I may even include the dreaded 'before' picture too) this foundation at a later date just because i love it, but its 11.30pm at the minute.

anyway, Im going to bed now. goodnight lyx

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  1. Great review! I haven´t tried this, though it does sound interesting...
    Have a lovely weekend!