by - Saturday, November 21, 2009

My computer has offically given up the ghost. its been on its last legs for a while, but now it just doesnt even have the will to turn on. haha, it was a crap computer in all fairness and needed some serious updating. I was contemplating buying myself a laptop, but just couldnt bring myself to actually save up the money I would need. I'm terrible when it comes to saving. This is going to seriously bite me in the ass one day when I'll need money for something. anyway. becasue I have a rather talented genius of a boyfriend, it was decided that instead of buying a laptop he would instead buy the components to build me a new desktop for christmas. I'm sure that no one is interested in this but oh well.

if anyone has any ideas for my giveaway, then please share.
I'm planning on doing a mega post showing you what I get up to on my course but that may have to be next week sometime when I return to my BFs so I can use his computer!

I'm really going to try and post more often but obviously, with the current computer situation this will be limited to when I'm here.

anyway, for now that is all. goodbye ly x

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