by - Thursday, April 12, 2012

I have a slight problem....
I have far to many bottles of nail polish, no way of storing my nail polishes'!
currently they reside in four small storage boxes, but with each of these brimming with bottles its not exactly ideal.

I'm looking for a solution, I've looked at getting nail polish display shelves etc but they only hold around 50 bottles per unit so I would need at least 6, which to be honest it just not convenient. but then, i guess having 300+ bottles of nail polish isn't exactly 'convenient' either. ooops.

I really don't know what to do with them...


ideas on the back of a post card please...

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  1. Have you looked at buying an ikea 'helmer'? Me, as well as many other nail bloggers have them, and they are fab! It has6 drawers, all of them can hold between 70-100 nail polish bottles! Plus, it's REALLY cheap!
    Aimee x

  2. That looks good, thanks for the suggestion, is that with the polishes stored upright? (silly question...?)