Top 8 Summer Nail Polishes

by - Tuesday, June 19, 2012

This post, as the title suggests is a rundown of my favourite summer nail polishes. 

Kiko - 336,  Maybelline Forever Strong - Bubble Gum, Essie - Pink Parka,  American Apparel - Neon Red 
Maybelline Forever Strong - Ceramic Blue, American Apparel - Summer Peach, 17 - Parma Violet, Essie - Mint Candy Apple

I wanted to choose a variety colours, and I've split them into Brights and Pastels. 

So heres my selection. I'll start with the brights:

My first choice is Kiko, 336. At least I think that's what it's called, there doesn't seem to be a name on it as such. I chose this one for the colour really, the application of this one is quite sloppy and its not as pigmented as I hoped. Alternatively I would have chosen the Miss Sporty nail polish in Pop Fiction, but I don't have that anymore. I think a bright cobalt blue is great in the summer, and not a colour you see very often. 

My next choice is an American Apparel Neon polish, appropriately named Neon Red. This is a gorgeous neon coral colour and is ridiculously difficult to photograph, I wore this on holiday in april and it instantly made me feel summery. No photo will do it justice, but if you like corals you need this. the application is lovely too. and it only needs one coat. 

Another really difficult one to photograph is Essie's Pink Parka, a relatively new acquisition to me, thanks to a recent blog sale. All I need to say is NEON PINK. What is summer without a neon pink thrown in the mix. 

Again, another bright pink, this time in the form of Maybelline Forever Strong in Bubble Gum. This is a pretty standard hot pink with blue undertones, but it applies really nicely and lasts a good week without chipping.
Talking of Bubble Gum, another polish I want to mention is a GOSH polish, of the same name. This is my favourite pink nail polish EVER, and it would have been included had I been able to find it to photograph. It's a perfect creamy barbie pink, and is a dream to apply.

Ok on to the pastels:

I love pastel shades, and my first choice is Maybelline Forever Strong - Ceramic Blue. When I bought this I thought it was really unusual looking, it's a difficult one to photograph again, it's a pastel blue with an electric blue undertone. The application is a little patchy but if you do thinner coats it's ok.

My next choice is American Apparel, appropriately named Summer Peach. Its a lovely creamy peach, again a little difficult to apply, and I find you have to be super neat with this or it just looks really messy even if its not that badly applied! other than that its a really nice shade, that for some reason reminds me of ice cream. 

This next shade is a recent purchase, and has also been previously featured on here. I love this shade, I'd describe it as a bright a pinky violet. again a difficult one to photograph, but it applies really nicely and dries really quickly too. 

This next choice needs no introduction really, it is of course Essie - Mint Candy Apple. the perfect minty pastel green. I've found this to apply really nicely again, although I've heard otherwise. It looks great with a tan, but also works on lighter skin tones, as it doesn't wash you out.

So, there we have it, A round up of some of my favourite summer nail polish shades. I love accessorising with my choice of nail colour and I really think it adds just that little bit extra to your look and style. 

Thank You for reading. 
What are some of your favourite shades for summer?

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