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by - Wednesday, July 04, 2012

So, thought I should do an different kind of post rather than a NOTD... But I'm not entirely sure what... My layout has messed up somehow... I was trying to edit the HTML the other day and ending up changing something... And I can't work out which bit it was etc... Not my layout waahhh! I should be able to do it, when I get home and can use my desktop, but right now I only have my iPad with me so it's a little difficult. I'm not really sure what posts to do... Or what people are interested in seeing so if anyone has any ideas feel free to leave a comment or two... Suggestions are always welcome... My Boyfriend told me he doesn't read my blog because he's not interested in nail polish... etc, Which I guess is fair enough... So, just for Fred here is a 'life' post. Where to start? I finished my second year of uni at the beginning of May... It's scary to think that I only have one year left... And then I have to be a 'real' adult. I'm not looking forward to the third year tbh, I'm not really an academic person and have found the whole 'uni' thing really difficult... The third year is going to be a bitch. Let's face it. So... Anyway. Apparently student loan dries up pretty quickly, so for the last few months I've been trying to find a job and with very little success, until last week. It is so difficult trying to get a job in London, you know, this just been really tough... Applying for jobs hat quite frankly you are overly qualified for and getting knocked back is hard to swallow. I got to a point where I was just applying for anything, whether it suited me or not, I was that desperate... Then out of the blue I apply for a job and get a call back the very next day asking me in for an interview. A week later I was fully trained and ready to start work. It's crazy how quick the turn around is... To go from jobless to fully trained in less than a week.. But I guess that's London for you. what else can I bore you with? I don't know... I don't have a lot else going on tbh, So as I said... Any topic/blog post suggestions on the back of a postcard please!

I thought I'd just include some pictures so this post is a little more visually appealing… I picked these beautiful roses from the garden the other day and couldn't resist taking a few pictures

and here's one of the dogs being cute… just for good measure…

Thank you for reading. X

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