Sunday Six

by - Sunday, July 08, 2012

This type of post is loosely based on others I've seen of the same ilk. I'll be choosing 5 things I've liked/found/enjoyed over the week following this setup… and then to restore a little reality I'll choose one thing that has annoyed me or that I've disliked etc

Song - To be honest, I haven't really listend to much music this week, but I did like a song on YouTube which was a Titanium Dubstep cover by Kaytuhpai

Book or TV - This week I have been re-watching Lost on Netflix. I know, I know it still feels so 2006! Now, I was really disappointed with how it all ended but I when I spotted it on Netflix I thought I'd give it another go... It's amazing what you notice the second time around

Blog/YouTube - This week I discovered Kaytuhpai on YouTube, as perviously mentioned. They are a couple that do vlogs and music videos etc... And they are really funny!

Product - This week I have been loving ReGen Cream - as recommended by Zoella. My skin seems to like it, and it's a cheap alternative to the Liz Earle moisturisers I have previously been using….

Photo - I thought I'd share a photo that I have either taken myself/liked this week so here it is...

Dislike of The Week - I'm pretty glad to say that I don't really have one this week really... Apart from the schizophrenic weather we've been having... Not a huge fan of all the rain/flooding I must say...
So there we have it...
Thank you for reading.

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