Brief overview of a few 'Products of The Moment'

by - Monday, April 06, 2009

Ok I'll start with...
Dove Go Fresh anti-perspirant deodorant: I’m really impressed with this, it makes the skin on my underarms really smooth and smelling fresh  I feel safe wearing this I usually worry about sweating but with this I feel fresh as a daisy and it lasts a long time too.
St Ives Apricot Scrub (blemish Fighting): This is a really good exfoliator. I find I need to exfoliate quite regularly and this doesn’t dry out my skin. It’s for oily/blemish prone skin, which I have and find that it really does help to clear my skin when I get spots. It has a really nice like antiseptic scent to it that is cooling on the skin.
Rimmel Volume Booster Lipstick: as mentioned in my last post I love this lipstick.
No.7 Stay Perfect Top Coat: literally what it says on the tin, when I use this, my nail polish with stay perfect. Its adds a nice shine as well. Need I say more?
Bourjois 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation: I actually bought this a while ago, and have recently started using it again. It’s a really nice light foundation that covers well and adds a subtle sheen to the skin. It has a really nice ‘florally’ (is that even a word?) scent to it as well.
Witch Radiance Serum: this has a really odd consistency, it’s quite runny, but it’s a really nice light moisturizer with light reflecting particles. Given that I have quite oily skin I find that I can wear this alone and feel that my skin is hydrated enough. Good for anyone prone to spots too
Body Shop Tantalising Lip Butter: This is gorgeous. The scent is so nice and the consistency is creamy and smooth, which is unlike some of the other lip butters I’ve tried, I tend to find them almost gritty? It just melts onto your lips. It even tastes great. even better than that ‘Proceeds will be used to support the 2009 campaign raising awareness on HIV and Aids, in partnership with MTV, raising funds for the Staying Alive Foundation.’


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  1. I love the St Ives scrub and I quite like the look of the witch stuff, will have to look into it :)

  2. yeah, funnily enough it was becasue of you that I bought it lol. I saw you talk about in a video :)


  3. I bought that lip butter the other day and its amazing! Reminds me of the Rio drink in the purple cans!