Review: Wet'nWild Ultimate Minerals.

by - Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This is a product I thought I'd never buy. I'm always sceptical about buying 'cheaper' brands when it comes to make up because I can suffer quite badly with blemishes, so I try to avoid anything that may effect my skin that way. I'd come across Wet'n'Wild once before when I'd visited a large Boots store. I bought a few of their products and was reasonably inpressed. since then I havnt really looked at their products again. Its a cheap brand, but the quality of their products oftne suprises me. I'd read on someones blog about the website selling all the products for half price throughout April, and decided to have a look. I was just looking around really, I knew I needed some more powder, and thought for £2.44 I may aswell try their Ultimate Mineral Powder.

I have to say I am loving this powder. I'm really impressed by it, its 9.5gms so you get a reasonable amout of product. It's described as a 'weightless mineral-based formula that provides nature-looking luminous coverage''flawlessly evens out skin tone, gentle talc-free formula' and I have to say, it actually does all of those things. it has a really soft sheen to it that give the skin a nice glow. I haven't had any problems with it with regards to spots either. so all in all, I really like this powder, I think I may even have to make another oder while eveythings half price and get a back up ;)

when I go home again, I'll take some better quality photos of me actually wearing it so you can see for yourself ;)
thank you for reading. any questions...blah blah blah

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