by - Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hey. Just having a bit of a lazy afternoon. I went to the gym at lunch time and spent a good 45mins working out, which felt good. I'm getting a little frustrated though I have to say, I've been eating a lot better recently and exercising much more but don't seem to be loosing any weight at all. Now, I not its not just going to drop off instantly, but its been nearly two weeks now and nada... no weight loss. Maybe I'm just not trying hard enough. Thing is I've been down this road before, I throw myself into it and expect instant results, and when that doesn't happen loose all motivation. and give up again. stupid I know. I've just got to stick with it and it will start to happen. it might take a while to get started but once the ball is rolling, hopefully anyway, if that doesnt work then I'm blaming this bloody stick in my arm (nexplanon) and getting it removed!
ANYWAY. I digress... what I actually wanted to blog about was this.  

This picture does it very little justice.

Now, I first spotted this in a tkmaxx store about 3 years ago. I fell in love but the price was still a little too high (£70) for my student budget. Even for tkmaxx that's pretty steep. So I left empty handed and broken hearted. the following week I got paid by work and fancied a splurge! I headed back to tkmaxx, but it was gone. I was devastated. I know this story may sound a little over dramatic. over the next few years I scouwered the internet to try and find it but couldn't remember the name of the designer etc. even to this day, whenever I go into a tkmaxx I have a quick glance to see if they have one in ( I know, I know completely pointless but still) I'd actually completely forgotten about it until now, I've just been looking though old pictures and came across this, my heart flipped!
Now, Don't get me wrong I'm aware that the chances of ever finding this bag on sale anywhere is incredibly slim but I still have the faintest glimmer of hope that someone, somewhere may put one on ebay or something! Someone in Leicester actually bought it from tkmaxx so I know at least one is around somewhere! anyway I'm going to keep researching it try and find out the style/name of it. 


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