something less depressing...

by - Wednesday, January 05, 2011

 ok, so I've seen these around, and I'm sure you have too Nail Rock - I'm not going to show you how I applied these theres plenty of other people out there doing that I just wanted to share my results! I received mine for free - well technically  I paid postage but still. you can too here. I chose the gold lace on white design - my inner chav coming out! tbh this design, although very pretty does just look like you've stuck stickers on your nails... essentially that is what you're doing but you dont want it to look that way... I think if my nails were longer it would look better and probably be a bit easier but other than that I'm pretty happy, its a cute idea, and I think like to try other designs.

I thought I'd show you my gorg new iphone case

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