my skin hates me atm

by - Monday, January 24, 2011

So of late my skin has been playing up lets say. It seems that something is not agreeing with the nexplanon, I had fitted a few months ago, as I have started to get reasonably bad acne and dry skin on my chest, back, face and scalp. Yes, even on my scalp. I thought I'd try a few products to clear things up before seeing the doctor again. Apart from the acne, I haven't really suffered with anything else to do with the implant. ANYway, I thought I'd arm myself with some skin saving products.

So as you can see from the picture above there's Freederm, Oilatum and T/Gel. The Freederm was 2 for £7, and actually worked out really well because the cleanser is worth £9.18 on its own, so the gel was effectively free! I've seen/heard good things about the Oilatum cream so thought why not.
I'm out of foundation too so got the Bourjois Healthy Mix (vanilla 52) which is also on offer right now.

Oh and another offer, (I love me offers) the free nails inc polish with the diet coke thing, tbh the colours didn't excite me much so I just picked up the least offensive, Denim. The pinky colour looked ok, So I may go back and get that at some point. Anyway I'm currently sat waiting for my dinner to be made by my Lovely boy, and a drinking a 'cheeky' vimto courtesy of the cokes I picked up from boots. (coke,vimto and vodka) Yes I know its only Monday but No I'm not some raving Alcoholic, But as I'm off uni at the minute My weeks have very little structure, so half the time I'm not really sure what day it is anyway. (wow that sounds depressing)
right, goodbye.x

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  1. Hi. Sometimes dry skin will cause you to break out if you are not exfoliating the dry, dead skin off.
    A gentle exfoliator 2 times a week may be helpful.

  2. cute blog... im following you :)

    <3 Nanna

  3. I used to suffer with really bad acne from when I was about 11 until around september last year (I'm now 20), but since going on the pill it has pretty much cleared up so I'd advise that if you can. Hope it clears up soon for you xx

  4. its actually contraception that has caused my breakout! it seems to be clearing up quite a bit now though, but thank you for the advice...