Little tube of joy!

by - Friday, December 16, 2011

No, it's nothing rude!

I went for my first shellac appointment the other day (which I loved btw) I never thought I'd pay for something I can pretty much do myself, which tends to be the way with me, I'm pretty tight and begrudge paying for things! Ha anyway, after I paid the lady she wished me a merry Christmas and handed me a little tube of complementary hand cream. Nice touch.
I popped it in my bag and went on my merry way. I'd forgotten about it until today, and thought why not, it didn't smell offensive and my hands were feeling a little dry. It absorbed really quickly and left my hands feeling very very soft! now usually, as is the way with hand creams after a few hours your hands feel dry again, or at least mine do. Major culprit of that is Vaseline hand and nail cream which you pretty much need to apply constantly if you want soft hands. With this cream my hands felts beautifully soft all day and protected from the cold winds outside! I've never had a hand cream that has been as good as this, and I've only used it a few times! It's amazing. I've had creams that absorb nicely but nothing compares to this. There's nothing worse than slippery, greasy hands. With this you are left with super soft feeling hands, it is a body lotion too but as I only have a 20ml tube I'm not sure it would go very far! You don't need a huge amount either. I just can't get over it. I'm currently looking online for a full sized version that I can get my mitts on! Seriously, go out and find this. I believe they sell it in Sally's beauty supply, or at least that is what their website says, I have yet to investigate further, if that's the case I'm hot trotting it down to Sally's ASAP! I might do a separate post on my shellac experience if anyone's interested? Thanks for reading. xo

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