by - Sunday, December 11, 2011

I nipped into boots on the way home from work and the 17 stand had a little offer, whereby if you bought two products you got a free gift. This is a regular occurrence with this brand and it's usually consists of some sort of mail polish kit, this was no exception and they are currently giving away a kit containing three polishes and a nail file, in a but little purse thing, if I was organized I would have pictured all if this but as it stands, I haven't. Any who, the three polishes are a red, a black and a glitter top coat. The top coat is really pretty, the other two are pretty standard. The black is not fully opaque and can be quite difficult to apply but by the second/third coat it turns out fine with a nice shine! I digress. I'm not one to wear black alone so decided to layer glitter on top, a look I've seen before but never thought of doing! I have to say I love it. I used the 17 glitter top coat, and another glitter polish by collection 2000. Another product I feel I should mention is the NYC in a New York Minute nail polish, in grand central station. This is a clear polish, not advertised as being a top coat but it is one of the best top/clear coats I've ever used. It's beating Seche Vite by miles so far, and I thought that was a tough one to beat! seriously amazing, it dries quickly and its super hard wearing, and possibly the best part is that it's only £1.79. Like. Wow. I Love it. It was recommended by a lovely subscriber of mine, so thank you! Glitter polish is devilishly hard to photograph, but I tried! The blurred ones kind of show the sparkle a little so that's why I included them!

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  1. That's so pretty, I'm currently being lured in by the Revlon one. Looks so gorgeous and Christmassy! x

  2. It's so difficult to photograph! It's so pretty IRL! Yeah I'm very tempted with that one too!