damn you.

by - Tuesday, December 06, 2011

it's currently 2.31am and I am sloggin away trying to get an essay written. the joys of uni life. I felt like I needed a minute to just collate my thoughts, and writing blogs post can often help restore calm, you see, i'm fine when it comes to writing about stuff I know about, and find interesting, but when it comes to the majority of my uni assignments i feel completly out of my depth and pretty much just a failure, ahah. anyway

hopefully by the time anyone reads this i will be finished! i just feel like its so mentally taxing. when you acutally have to think about what you write. its crazy, i can sit an write a 1500 work blog post about lipstick for example, but then it comes to something remotley academic and im stumped. it takes me about three days to even work up to starting an essay usually. haha. im not sure how much sense this post will make, its late and tbh i dont care that much right now. i may come back an go through all the grammar when i can be arsed.


im loozing this will a little bit tbh. lol
UNI IS TOO HARD> or maybey its that i just dont put in enough effort?
im sticking with the first one. its not me. its you.

ok, i guess i should get back to my essay then. only about 500 words left, which doesnt sound that much, and tbh if i just got on with it probably wont take too long either.its just quite difficult when you dont actually know what your talking about? which is a lot of the time for me.
oh well


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