Weekly Six (Technically five)

by - Sunday, August 05, 2012

ooopps! so I've only just realised I forgot to post my 'Sunday Six' last week. I've just started working a lot more hours at work and it completely slipped my mind. Although with how quite it is at work I might as well be sat there blogging!
Anyway let's get into it...

Song - I'm going to go with a really cheesy classic this week. I am what I am by Gloria Gaynor. I love it, I'm sorry. I had it on loudly whilst doing the mountain of washing up that was growing its own micro culture, and it instantly brightened my mood.

Book or TV - This week it definitely has to go to TV, what with the worlds greatest sporting event taken place on my doorstep! I'm really loving the Olympic coverage, Team GB! My Boyfriend is actually working for OBS on the Basketball court and he was on actual TV! Ha love it.

Blogger/YouTuber - I'm going to be a sellout and say go and watch the Shaytards if you don't already, as I really haven't found anyone new for a while!

Product - Technically the product I have been loving this 'week' was only actually purchased yesterday! But u love it that much already I'm going to say it anyway. (I could just save it for next weeks post but oh well I've started typing now!)
It is The Body Shop Almond Nail & Cuticle Oil. It comes in a pen applicator with a doe foot shaped cuticle pusher on the lid. You twist the end to release the product and simply brush if over your cuticles. Its worked wonders already and absorbs really quickly into the skin.

Photo of the week - This is a picture I found of our dog, taken when she was about 3? She was a Jack Russell/Corgi but she sadly passed away earlier this year. It's amazing how much of an impact a pet can have on a family unit. She was an amazing pet and friend.  I miss her so much. RIP Lady Lester 1997 - 2012

I still need to decide on a 6th item for this post… hmm…
I might well just split the Book and TV section into separate items as I watch and read in equal measure if I have the time so I could probably choose at least one thing from each category per week! anyway I'll leave that until next week! so here are my sunday six (technically five)
Also, Sorry for the stock photos… I know its lame but what can you do!

Thank you for reading.

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