Matte Nail Envy

by - Thursday, January 22, 2009

After reading/watching so many reviews about Nail Envy, I decided it was about time I caved in and bought some.
Now being a student the price tag does seem a little on the expensive side, this was one of the reasons I delayed purchasing it. I didn’t want to spend that much money on something that I wasn’t sure would work for me.
I only got this yesterday, so I realise that this ‘review’ might be a little premature, but I feel like I can at least review it on first impressions.

I got the Matte Nail Envy from EBay and it cost around £7, I actually thought I was buying the Original one but it was actually the Matte. Anyway, so I took off my nail polish last night ad applied two coats of it and went t bed. It dried so quickly, literally by the time I’d finished one hand the first few nails had dried. My nails often get quite soft and break off, which is annoying, so I’ve been looking for a nail strengthener for a while. I purchased the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength a while ago and I have to say that does work pretty well, but being me I can’t just stick to one product I have to try new things all the time. ANWAY, I digress, so I woke up this morning and my nails feel so much stronger already! I’m not even exaggerating. The nail on my index finger was starting to weaken a few days ago but it seems to have strengthened miraculously over night. I applied some more this morning, and because its matte It doesn’t really show up so I just keep on applying it, I’m addicted. Seriously, this may seem a little over the top but< it literally worked over night, its 15mls which is HUGE so I know this is going to last a long time. I just can’t get over it. hahaha, ok I’ll calm down now.

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